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Avg Rating: 4.4

Simone Style Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Curvy
Best Feature:  Big Ass
Date Joined:  April 6, 2013

Prague stunner Simone is a 25-year-old porn superstar. Also known as Mandy Saxo and Simone Peach, Simone has worked with some of the biggest adult companies in the world. Her infectious enthusiasm for wanting to fuck guys in the ass was one reason why we keep inviting her back for more scenes for the Girls Abuse Guys website. Another reason would be that wecan't get enough of her gorgeous 34B-22-36 figure! This 5"7 beauty loves ice cream and pasta and is currently single - but beware you possible suitors, she doesn't take prisoners!
Simone Style Updates

Pool Boy
Simone Style, Victoria Rose November 19, 2022
Simone and Victoria are heading out to the shops and Simone tells her pool boy to make sure the swimming pool is clean for her return as they may wish to take a dip. However, as soon as he hears the front door close he strips off and takes a relaxing swim himself. Unfortunately for him, Simone has forgotten...

Cooking Class
Simone Style, Winnie January 15, 2022
Simone and Winnie have invited a cooking teacher round because they need to bake a cake for an important function tomorrow. He starts making the cake and puts in a special ingredient but when the girls taste it the cake is awful. He looks at the special ingredient and realizes he has put the wrong thing...

Caught Wanking
Daria Glower, Simone Style November 6, 2021
When Daria and her friend Simone come home they find Daria's boyfriend wanking over a porn movie all about anal sex. Daria has also suspected that he has been wearing her panties while she is out and she is angry that he is now watching porn. Simone holds him down while Daria goes to the cupboard, returning...

Housewives Wrath
Simone Style, Victoria Rose August 14, 2021
Simone has cooked dinner for her husband but he is hours late. She is watching tv with her friend Victoria when he staggers in from the bar and falls asleep on the sofa next to them, without even apologizing for wasting Simone's cooking. She is upset but Victoria persuades her to get revenge on her husband....

Fake Doctor
Simone Style, Winnie October 10, 2020
Simone has hurt her knee and the doctor is on his way. When he arrives he looks a bit scruffy and she gets more suspicious when he feels her breast, claiming to check her heartbeat, and then gets her to open her legs. She calls the doctor's surgery and finds out he is only a messenger. Simone and Winnie...

Doctors Theft
Daria Glower, Simone Style September 12, 2020
Doctor Simone thinks someone is stealing from her medicine cabinet and when she discusses it with nurse Daria they agree that they think it is Mark. The girls call him in and confront him but he says he is innocent. They decide to strip search him and once they have him naked they put on rubber gloves...

Prisoner Interrogation
Daria Glower, Simone Style June 6, 2020
Three police women are interrogating a suspect but he is claiming his innocence and their normal methods aren't working. They decide to try something different and strip him off and bend him over a chair. They then take turns using a dildo on his asshole, asking him if he wants to talk. When he refuses...

Interrupting The Lesbians
Simone Style, Victoria Rose May 9, 2020
Lesbian lovers Simone and Victoria are naked in the bath together and enjoying playing with each other's pussies. Outside Stephan walks past and sees what they are doing through the crack in the door. He watches for a while, getting horny, and then decides to join in. As he walks in and offers the girls...

Furniture Salesman
Simone Style, Winnie July 20, 2019
Simone and Winnie have had their new couch delivered but it is the wrong one. They call the furniture store who send a guy round to collect it. However, when he arrives he takes a liking to Simone and tries to get into her knickers. Simone decides to turn the tables and the girls strip him before bending...

Photo Shoot
Daria Glower, Simone Style May 11, 2019
Simone has come for a shoot with photographer Daria. As she gets undressed ready for the shoot, Dave spies on her from the doorway and starts playing with his cock while he watches her. Daria arrives and catches him spying on her model so she grabs him by the ear and pushes him inside. Simone is furious...