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Models / Daria Glower

Avg Rating: 3.9

Daria Glower Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Average
Best Feature:  Sexy Accent
Date Joined:  March 9, 2013

Daria started off her career as a glamour model but soon progressed into full porn at the age of 21. Now 27, the 5"4 Daria has starred in hundreds of DVD titles and website productions. The Prague beauty is easily recognizable for the small lizard tattoo on her right shoulder. Daria used her 35D-26-37 figure to good effect with her offscreen friend Simone when they teamed up in Girls Abuse Guys' first ever shoot. The two friends laughed their way through the whole shoot as they abused and humiliated our guys. "It was the funniest shoot I have ever been on," said Daria afterwards.
Daria Glower Updates

Fire Emergency Call
Alexa Bold, Daria Glower July 16, 2022
Daria and Alexa are manning the fire station on a hot summer's day. They get an emergency call and all the person on the other end of the phone doesn't seem to speak very good English and all they can hear is the word "Fire!" and the address. They rush to the location but don't find any fire and realise...

Caught Wanking
Daria Glower, Simone Style November 6, 2021
When Daria and her friend Simone come home they find Daria's boyfriend wanking over a porn movie all about anal sex. Daria has also suspected that he has been wearing her panties while she is out and she is angry that he is now watching porn. Simone holds him down while Daria goes to the cupboard, returning...

Alexa Bold, Daria Glower April 10, 2021
Daria has gone round to see her friend Alexa for a drink and to catch up. But while they are talking they hear a noise in the house and realise that a burglar has broken in. The girls are scared but grab a stick and hide behind the door. When the burglar comes in, they jump on him and hit him with the...

Doctors Theft
Daria Glower, Simone Style September 12, 2020
Doctor Simone thinks someone is stealing from her medicine cabinet and when she discusses it with nurse Daria they agree that they think it is Mark. The girls call him in and confront him but he says he is innocent. They decide to strip search him and once they have him naked they put on rubber gloves...

Prisoner Interrogation
Daria Glower, Simone Style June 6, 2020
Three police women are interrogating a suspect but he is claiming his innocence and their normal methods aren't working. They decide to try something different and strip him off and bend him over a chair. They then take turns using a dildo on his asshole, asking him if he wants to talk. When he refuses...

Hospital Payback
Alexa Bold, Daria Glower January 4, 2020
Nurse Alexa is attending to a patient at the hospital when he tries it on with her. The nurse is very shocked and gets nurse Daria to help her teach the man a lesson. The two nurses manhandle the guy onto his front, lift his ass in the air and strip him naked. Nurse Daria puts rubber gloves on and then...