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Models / Natalie Di Angelo

Avg Rating: 3.6

Natalie Di Angelo Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Average
Best Feature:  Big Tits
Date Joined:  June 1, 2013

23-year-old Czech stunner Natalie has been one of Europe's top pornstars for several years. The 5"7 blonde beauty has worked with some of the biggest adult production companies all over the world and is well known for her anal scenes. She was therefore thrilled to be using her 34DD-23-34 figure to give rather than receive. "It was fantastic - I got my own back on the guys for all the times they have fucked me in the ass!" she joked after shooting with the Girls Abuse Guys team.
Natalie Di Angelo Updates

Tied To The Bed
Natalie Di Angelo, Rose April 1, 2023
Dave is fast asleep when Natalie and Rose creep into his bedroom. They tie his hands to the metal bed frame and then wake him up. They pull the covers back and laugh because he is naked. Dave protests and asks what they are doing and why and Natalie explains that he fucked a friend of theirs and then...
Porn Video Addict
Natalie Di Angelo, Olivia August 7, 2021
Natalie is working in the DVD store when Victor walks in. She recognises him as her friend's Olivia's boyfriend and knows that he has a problem with being addicted to porn. She calls Olivia who is furious that he is in the store, probably looking to rent some porn movies. She comes down to the store...
Watching A Movie
Natalie Di Angelo, Rose August 1, 2020
Frank is watching a film with two friends, Rose and Natalie. All of a sudden two girls start fucking a guy with a strap-on in the film and Rose and Natalie laugh at Frank's reaction. He says it looks painful and doesn't understand why any guy would like it. The girls look at each other and smile and...
Door To Door Salesman
Natalie Di Angelo, Olivia September 7, 2019
Olivia is at her friend Natalie's house. Natalie says that she has this door to door salesman who comes round every day pestering her and won't leave her alone. As they are talking there is a knock on the door but Olivia tells her to leave it to her to deal with him. The salesman asks Olivia if Natalie...
Stripper Gets Owned
Natalie Di Angelo, Rose December 2, 2017
Rose and Natalie are having a girls night in with some wine. Natalie explains that she has been chatting to a guy on the internet who wants to be a male stripper so she has invited him round to do a live audition for them. When he arrives the girls are very excited and as he dances and strips off for...
Porn Modelling Agency
Natalie Di Angelo, Olivia December 3, 2016
Natalie and Olivia run an adult modelling agency and spend their time interviewing new girls who want to get into the industry. Today, however, they have an interview with a guy called Martin. It turns out he is a struggling actor with little money who thought they were a normal agency. The girls explain...