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Models / Kate

Avg Rating: 2.2

Kate Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Curvy
Best Feature:  Big Tits
Date Joined:  January 28, 2012

Kate is a 26-year-old former glamour model turned pornstar. She made her debut in an adult DVD production two years ago and hasn't looked back since. The 5"7 blonde bombshell is also a karate expert in her spare time and used these skills to good effect to keep our guys under control. Having said that, the guys didn't seem to mind when she tried a hold on them and they were pressed against her lovely D cup breasts!
Kate Updates

The Rat
Kate, Valentina Rossi February 4, 2023
Martin sneaks into ex-girlfriend Valentina's bedroom so he can steal some of her personal items, but before he can get away he hears her coming in and has to hide in the cupboard. Valentina and Kate sit on the bed chatting about how her ex-boyfriend used to cheat on her and she is sad she never...
Kinky Audition Two
Kate, Stefani October 1, 2022
Kate and Stefani have got a new young boy in their office today thinking he can be a porn stud. Unfortunately for him these girls are going to fuck him hard to show him what the industry is about. They get him to strip off and then bend over and he has to sit there and take it as they push dildos up...
Bottle game
Kate, Valentina Rossi May 2, 2020
It's Valentina's birthday and her friends Kate and Robin have come round to help her celebrate. They decide to play a game called "Spin The Bottle" and who ever the bottle points to has to answer a "Truth or Dare" question. Kate is the first victim and Valentina asks her is she has ever had anal sex...
Good Sisters
Kate, Stefani July 7, 2018
Stefani is getting undressed to have a shower when she catches a guy spying on her through the window. She calls her sister Kate and the two girls are furious with the pervert. They pull him inside the house and decide to teach him a lesson. As he wanted to see them naked they turn the tables and strip...
Happy Massage
Kate, Valentina Rossi March 3, 2018
Ricky has booked a massage with two sexy blondes but didn't read the smallprint of the contract. He thinks he is going to get some sexual pleasure during the massage - little does he realise it is actually the girls who will be having the fun. After a quick massage the girls suddenly whip his towel away...
Sexual Harassment
Kate, Stefani October 3, 2015
Kate and Stefani are fed up with being constantly groped and fondled by their co-worker John. When Kate gets a phonecall from head office she is promoted to be the new manager - in charge of John. When he goes to grab her again the next time she pulls rank on him and decides to teach her a lesson. The...