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Models / Eve Evans

Avg Rating: 4.2

Eve Evans Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Athletic
Best Feature:  Bubbly Personality
Date Joined:  December 29, 2012

Hispanic Eve has a fiery latin temperament and sizzling sex appeal. The 5"2 brunette oozes sex and has been involved in the adult industry for just over a year. "I love my job, especially when I get to turn the tables on the guys," she laughed. Eve was only 19 years old when she stepped onto the Girls Abuse Guys set but from the way she took charge and fucked the guys' brains out you wouldn't have known it was her first time! "I guess I was born to fuck guys in the ass!" said the 34-24-34 babe.
Eve Evans Updates

Treated Like A Dog
Angel Vain, Eve Evans, Haley Hilton December 3, 2022
Bill is in jail for indecently exposing himself and the three female guards watching over him decide to teach him a lesson. Angel, Jessie and Eve enter his cell and strip him naked while spanking him. They tell him that if he wants to be treated like a piece of shit then they will show him what it's...

One Of The Girls
Eve Evans, Rylie Richman, Sophie Dee October 22, 2022
Eve, Sophie and Rylie are having an Anne Summers party at their house and the local organiser Cindy has come round to run it for them. As the evening goes on the girls notice that Cindy seems very keen to touch their bodies while they are trying on the underwear and when Sophie stumbles over and lands...

Call Me In The Morning
Angel Vain, Eve Evans, Jessie Andrews August 28, 2021
Frank has been fucking a lot of the girls in college but treating them like quick fucks and not calling them again the following day. Angel, Eve and Jessie are fed up with him fucking their friends and then not calling them again so they decide to teach him a lesson. They sneak into the men's locker...

Worthy Slut
Eve Evans, Rylie Richman, Sophie Dee July 17, 2021
Two girls from the sorority are chatting to John about what sluts they are and he thinks its really cool. The girls find it funny that a man fantasizes about being a slut and they invite him along to meet their class president. Sophie is very strict and wants John to undergo an initiation in which he...

Take Her To The Prom
Angel Vain, Eve Evans, Jessie Andrews July 4, 2020
Shaun is getting changed for football practice when three cheerleaders walk in. They want him to ask their friend Sarah to the prom but he tells them there's no way he's taking that ugly bitch anywhere. The girls are angry at him calling their friend ugly and they decide to teach him some respect. They...

Naughty Schoolboy
Eve Evans, Rylie Richman, Sophie Dee April 11, 2020
Naughty boy Sean has been sent to the principals office. Two naughty girls are already there when he arrives and Sophie is in a bad mood. When he acts tough and says she can't do anything to him, she decides to make an example of him. She bends him over her desk and spanks him in front of the giggling...