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Models / Angel Velvet

Avg Rating: 4.2

Angel Velvet Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Average
Best Feature:  Bubbly Personality
Date Joined:  August 24, 2013

Raven-haired beauty Angel is truly a gift from the heavens. The 23-year-old from Prague is 5"4 tall and has been working in the adult industry for just six months. "I once fucked my boyfriend with a strap-on and really enjoyed it so I was looking forward to trying it again," she said after her Girls Abuse Guys shoot. She certainly knew how to move her curvy 34-26-32 figure to dominate the guys and when the strap-ons came out there was no stopping her.
Angel Velvet Updates

The 4th Dimension
Angel Velvet, Olga June 3, 2023
Angel and Sarah are made to work like slaves for lazy Sebastian. They have had enough and one day when he has too much vodka the seize their chance. He feels like he has entered the 4th Dimension and is having an out of body experience. In fact the girls have decided to take advantage of him and teach...
Angel Velvet, Juliette Blanc November 6, 2021
Policewomen Angel and Juliette are investigating a new local bar that has just opened. As they walk in they see it has lots of old sexual devices scattered around the walls, almost like a museum. However, their interest soon changes when they see a guy drinking at the bar. They question him and when...
Angel Velvet, Jessica Potter February 6, 2021
Peter is having a sauna when his arch enemy blocks the door so he can't get out and as te heat builds, Peter soon dies. Little does he realise that waiting for him in heaven is Angel and Jessica, two angels who are going to make his wildest dreams come true. As he arrives in Heaven, Angel explains...
Just Married
Angel Velvet, Olga October 3, 2020
Angel is furious at her husband when she finds out he hasn't organised a honeymoon after their wedding. He wants to just lay in bed and have sex with her but she wanted a nice holiday. Instead she asks him if he can at least give her a threesome with her friend. Her husband can't believe his luck and...
Agency Girls
Angel Velvet, Jessica Potter April 4, 2020
Johan has to spend the night in a hotel so has decided to call up an escort agency and get some girls in to entertain him for the night. When the girls arrive they are brunette and beautiful and Johan strips off, excited about having sex with these two hot girls. The girls ask him what his favourite...
Prison Break
Angel Velvet, Juliette Blanc June 1, 2019
Prisoners Juliette and Angel are planning their escape from prison. When the guard comes in, Juliette overpowers him while he is distracted. The girls decide that before they escape, it's time for payback and they make him strip naked and bend over. The guard has brought a dildo in with him so he could...
Angel Velvet, Olga October 7, 2017
Sarah is getting ready for an important night out and is having her hair done. But when the stupid hairdresser says it is all done Sarah and her friend Angel are horrified at the mess he has made. Her hair looks terrible and they are going to make him pay for ruining her night out. The girls decide that...
Angel Velvet, Jessica Potter June 3, 2017
Jessica and Angel are waiting in Hell for their next victim. When Hugo has a heart attack he arrives in Hell but when he sees the two beautiful girls he thinks he is in heaven. The girls tell him he has been a bad man in life and has got to be punished but he doesn't believe them. When they start stripping...
Angel Velvet, Juliette Blanc September 3, 2016
Martin has been captured as a Prisoner Of War. Unfortunately for him, his two guards Juliette and Angel, like to take advantage of their prisoners and they lead him out of his cell to another room so they can enjoy themselves. They strap him to a table, pull his clothes off and then take turns to spank...