Bill is in jail for having sex with his dog and the three female guards watching over him decide to teach him a lesson. Angel, Jessie and Eve enter his cell and strip him naked while spanking him. They tell him that if he wants to be treated like a dog then they will show him what it's like and they bend him over on all fours and spank his ass and then thrust their strapons down his throat. They bend him over his prison bunk and take it in turns to fuck him up the ass like an animal. When they flip him over onto his back, Angel enters his asshole again and pounds away while Eve and Jessie sit on his face and rub their cunts all over his mouth, telling him to lick them like a dog. The girls then grab hold of his dick and start wanking it to see how big the dog's cock can get and as Angel carries on fucking his bumhole... read more >

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